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Hi everyone !

We are bringing some fresh news about Counter-Strike Ladies teams ! Indeed, two mainstays of the e-sport just announced their new female line up on CS:GO.

Ten days ago, we were learning the new composition of Team-LDLC. The russian female player Vilga took part of the team, after playing for famous organizations as Virtus.Pro. In the team remain old LDLC female players as KiTTy-KaT or the belgium lady Llo.

So, here is the new Team-LDLC CS:GO Ladies line up :

Terri ‘KiTTy-KaT‘ Mulvey
Laura ‘Llo‘ Van Assche
Ksenia ‘vilga‘ Klyuenkova
Mayra ‘IpSa‘ Perez
Michaela ‘mimimimichaela‘ Lintrup


This piece of news goes along with the new Epsilon Ladies line up. In fact, Epsilon decided to start the year with a clean composition, in order to remain powerful on CS:GO, after many movements in the line up. The Epsilon’s website itself has been cleaned : some famous members as Jeez or Jennyzz have been erased and now we can see new players as Jinjin or Layla.

Yesterday, we learned the recruitment of HellRose, taking the role of IGL, instead of Foxglove, who decided to leave Epsilon, after being a powerful asset for the line up for a long time.

Eventually, Epsilon has a new line up, as Team-LDLC, and we can guess their motivation to come back on the CS:GO scene, after participating in many cups, without winning all.

Here is the new team :

Melania ‘Gina‘ Mylioti
Ivelina ‘HellRose‘ Danova
Julia ‘Julie‘ S.
Gina ‘Jinjin‘ Kleinen
Lily ‘Layla‘ Zimmermann


Melania ‘Gina’ Mylioti is talking about the recruitment of Hellrose in the club :

« Unfortunately with every good side comes a bad side. We had to say goodbye to Foxglove which we were playing with since January 2013. Her stepping down was really hard for us as a team, we have had some awesome moments throughout the year and will never be forgotten! But we also know that we have to look forward and decided to try our HellRose. We all know HellRose really well from our history in CS1.6 and we know what we can expect. Since the first day that we tried her out, it felt right. Her calling in game just fits us perfectly. We are really excited to announce our latest asset in our team! We are looking forward to the upcoming weeks towards Copenhagen Games. This will be some intense weeks practicing and bootcamping but it will be definitely worth it!
HellRose on her free agency, choosing to come play with Epsilon
After ESWC and some online cups me and the girls from Lions decided that its better if I step down the team. Then I was a free agent for a while and I tried playing with different players. Not long ago I an offer from Epsilon Ladies to come play with them. We played some online tournaments and games and it felt right. They told me they needed someone to take the IGL role since Foxglove wasn’t in the lineup anymore so I will take over this position. I have played with all the girls before except Jinjin in CS1.6 and I know they are all experienced and good individually players. We have things to work on but we are very motivated and we are prioritizing our practices. We are very excited to attend Copenhagen Games and I hope in the next months we can improve our game on the level that we want and show the people we are not a team that have to be underestimated. »


Something sure, Epsilon eSports have clearly announced that they are going to Copenhagen Games 2014 – taking place mid-April, almost in the same time than the Gamers Assembly in France – whereas we don’t know yet as regards Team-LDLC. In fact, CPH Games – – have chosen to use as background of the website, one of the picture taken in a photoshoot by Epsilon last year. We are now able to see the back of Julie on the website. So we can be sure that Epsilon’s ladies are going to proudly represent their club in this tournament.

Copenhagen Games

By the way… yeah ! Copenhagen games are coming for you girls ! As a main event for female gaming – with the ESWC – CPH Games will make much noise this year, by adding 7,000€ to the CS:GO Ladies cash-prize of 2013. Thus, there is now 26,000€ to win ! And we cannot forget the 20,000€ for the LoL’s tournament’s cash-prize.

We are now waiting for more informations on the website, but everything is already exciting !

ESL Female Gaming

All in all, we can underline that CS:GO and League of Legends are the two most played games by the girls. One the one hand, it’s nice to see that ESL Female Gaming offers regular cups for its female members, but on the other hand, it’s a bit bad to see that there is no other games. Huh, why not a Battlefield 4 for them, when we see the movement of the biggest clubs on that game ?



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