About Us


Night’s Soldiers eSport is a professional gaming organization founded in 2008. Renowned as a pioneering structure of e-sport in Battlefield, by remaining loyal to the series for 5 years, NS eSport became more famous by taking part of the finales of the Coupe de France 2013 in Battlefield 3. Then, NS eSport continued to strike hard by winning the Coupe de France in Titanfall, by participating in the Gamers Assembly 2014 and by reaching many podiums with its Hearthstone players. NS eSport has players from different countries on several games and gives them the support they need to reach the top.

The association is developing today on many games, especially Counter Strike Global Offensive, League of Legends and Hearthstone. NS eSport aims the podiums of major tournaments, and recruits high-skilled european players. Night’s Soldiers eSport shows an important development and a great stability. Benefiting from a heavily involved staff in the solidity of the association and its performances, the structure continues his progession and his intrusion into major e-sporting events. NS eSport has several agressive teams in the competition. Their strength results from regular trainings and a unique family spirit.

Night’s Soldiers eSport
Headquarters : Nantes, France
Registered organization n° W442012539